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Dolores Gomez-Bustillo is an “Artist to Watch”! She has been my student for several years and she is observant, hard-working, aggressive in her approach to the canvas, dauntless in effort to overcome obstacles, full of life and soul and spirit, radiant in dedication to God and man, intuitive, cross-cultural, and bursting with creativity. She knows her craft but is constantly learning and seeking; her heart and soul are sitting right out on her shoulder for all to see, yet she has discretion. She is a wonderful balance between the flesh and the soul – she will do well, she will go far, she will prosper in all she does.
My suggestion to viewers of her work is “Buy” while the prices are reasonable.


Pat Mercer Hutchens
Fine artist and faculty member for many years
at the Corcoran College of Art & Design
And at Northern Virginia College


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